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The Powell Street Festival Society and JACANA are pleased to present KUU beginning Thursday, July 29 and running through to Sunday, August 8, 2004. KUU when translated from Japanese to English means espacef or ethe space between thingsf. Agenuinely unique event on Friday, July 30 will open the exhibition with a 1 1/2hour opera concert of original contemporary songscreated and performed by vocalist, Masako Nakamura and rock guitarist, KAZ. The concert will work in conjunction with theequally intriguing artworks of Hide Ebina and Yukiko Nakamura, and a special light display will be coordinated to synchronize the music and art. During a portion of the concert, Hide Ebina will give a live clayworks performance. While Ebina is a localVancouver artist, Yukiko Nakamura, Masako Nakamura, and KAZ have all come from Japan to participate in this exclusiveevent. It should be noted that Masako and KAZ will be performing for one night only. In addition to the evening festivities, avery special presentation of canapeLs with a modern twist will be served with food being limited to 100. This is not the first time that Hide and Yukiko have worked together; the artists participated in an exhibition in Tokyo in 2002.The two have paired up to work together again, this time in Vancouver, and have created new and original artworks for KUU.Ebinafs innovative and one-of-a-kind ceramic works incorporate an array of materials such as porcelain, light, metal, and glass.His pieces are exquisite with an eye-catching appeal, sometimes integrating movement, yet also incorporating functionality. Yukiko Nakamura is a mixed-media artist who uses various elements | acrylic paint, gold, rubber, and wood to create hercaptivating, often sensual, and abstract works. Some of the most impressive pieces in the exhibition are the collaborative effortsof the artists, combining Hidefs ceramic pieces and Yukikofs paintings. A large-scale drum has been constructed to display theworks resulting in an enticing 3-dimensional exploration of Nakamurafs paintings complemented by the warm, seductive glow of Ebinafs porcelain fixtures. With promise to engage audiences with its presentation of diversity and stimulation of the senses, allare welcome and encouraged to experience KUU.

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I'd like to thank everyone who support to make this event happen. Thanks! guys!.


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