Great partners


These are the place you can see our works working hard!!

We are proud we are playing a small part in their activity through our works,

sharing efforts to enrich human lives.

Fairmont waterfront restaurant ARC

Culinary Olympic National Team Canada


Quarity, Healthy, Creative, Hip food and cool space.

Ramen Ichinen/Calgary

In Calgary, Great ramen place.

Miku Vancouver

Very, very, special! "Aburi/ torching" transforms sushi into a different dimention stages, higher and higher and higher!


Tojo's restaurant

Suika Snack Bar

Gyoza Bar + Ramen

Zakkushi on main

Interior Design and Lighting

Ramen Jinya

Wall light panels and pendants

Gmen Nanchu




Kingyo Vancouver

Plates, Soy sauce bottle, Bowls, Sashimi Plate, Vase

Nagomi Blackcomb Mountain in the Le Chamois Hotel

Plates, Cups

Satoh Hokkaido Japan

Plates, Sake cups

Yamagataya Noriten Tokyo Japan


Globefish Calgary Canada

Wall Sign Lights

Beaucoup bakery and cafe


Sushi Kojo in Penticton

Ramen bowls, Plates