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Interior Design Show West
Translucent porcelain tile mozaic panels and more.

TOYOTA LEXUS open road Richmond new showroom openning show
A collaboration with a IKEBANA master.

"Ippin" Tokyo
Yamagataya noriten/ Kyobashi/ Tokyo

"MERGE"/ Frozen-Melt Collective

May 3 to June 1, 2008
Opening Reception: May 3, Saturday, 4-6 pm at Numen Gallery,
120-1058 Mainland St., Yaletown, Vancouver B.C.

For more information, contact 604.630.6927 or info@numengallery.com or go to www.numengallery.com

MERGE is an exhibition of contemporary glass and ceramic art by Frozen-Melt Collective, a group of three Japanese Canadian artists: Naoko Takenouchi, Miyuki Shinkai, and HiDe Ebina. Through their artwork, the artists re-imagine the issues of identity that arise from the merging of cultures: East and West, old and new, philosophy and technology.

Light Forms
Numen Gallery, Vancouver

An collaboration with Japanese Ikebana and Japanese tea ceremony and Ceremics.

IKEBANA: Misho ryu, Atsuko

TEA CEREMONY: Omotesenke Vancouver Ogura alliance


"kuu" Collaboration show in Vancouver Canada 2004


An exploration of the senses "kuu"

Featuring Hide Ebina (ceramic, curator), Yukiko Nakamura(painting), Masako Nakamura(opera), and KAZ(rock guitar).@JACANA mordern art gallery, 2435 Granville st, Exhibition: July 29,August 8, 2004.

KUU when translated from Japanese to English means "space" or "the space between things". A genuinely unique event on Friday, July 30 will open the exhibition with a 1 1/2hour opera concert of original contemporary songs created and performed by vocalist, Masako Nakamura and rock guitarist, KAZ. The concert will work in conjunction with the equally intriguing artworks of Hide Ebina and Yukiko Nakamura, and a special light display will be coordinated to synchronize the music and art. During a portion of the concert, Hide Ebina will give a live clayworks performance. While Ebina is a local Vancouver artist, Yukiko Nakamura, Masako Nakamura, and KAZ have all come from Japan to participate in this exclusive read more and pictures

read more and pictures

"fragile" collaboration in Tokyo Aoyama. 2002

Extremely thin thrown porcelain caps stick out of three wood panels painted in acrylic, molten rubber and gold powder. The sheen yet serene red-gold reminds one of gorgeous Japanese silk fabric with the peach-like porcelain caps glowing out of the canvas. Shell-like ceramic lamps hang from the high ceilings throughout the Tokyo gallery's space illuminating a humungous 3D painting (8ft in height) situated at the very end of the space. Five sheets of aluminum painted on both sides sit at different angles in the centre of a huge wooden barrel-like frame. Heavy chunks deep green glass with light passing through the back suggests the spectacle one would encounter looking towards the sky on a sunny day from 10 feet below the ocean's surface.

The painter, Yukiko Nakamura, expresses her world through a variety of mediums which is seen in her use of the aluminum sheets instead of typical canvases. Molten rubber poured on the sheets resemble dew drops ready to fall from a leaf early in the morning. Applying golds, reds, yellows, and browns by pouring the paints from the brushes rather than brushing in the standard way allows her to create more profound combinations of colours and materials which add to the uniqueness of Yukiko's work. read more and pictures

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