Our entourage rolled up here for a GF’s birthday “fun-thing-to-do” and it was indeed fun!  HiDe is a small ceramic-making studio that can accommodate all 8 of us for a private class and we operates on a 4 on foot wheel and 4 on table basis. The instructor HiDe started the class with bowl and vase demonstration while we were madly kneading the brown practise clay. The clay we use for the craft is the white clay which is easier to work with.

There are lots of feedback and support during class as the HiDe dances around to yield a helping hand. He is a gregarious person in a Japanese way- If you don’t like straight up feedback and are easily offended then you might be nettled by his teaching with comments such as “no that’s not possible to make that,” or “you should wait for me before you do that…” Lol

The cost is $47 for studio fee and $2.00/100g of clay. Once you are done with your work, you can pick a colour/glaze and he will do the rest and have you pick up your work 6 to 8weeks after.

HiDe has made bowls and dishes for Gyoza Bar and Miku and you can order similar items from him as well.

Can’t wait to pick up my work soon! Cheerio!