Laura T, Yelp review

Took my best friend here for her birthday present. We did the 80 min class and Hide is a knowledgeable and friendly teacher. It was a little intimidating at first because my best friend and I haven’t touched clay or ceramics since high school! Hide showed us how to build a bowl and a cup. We decided we would both make big bowls and Hide encouraged us to have fun and if we had any questions to ask away. Once we were on the wheel, Hide kept reminding us to “have fun” and “enjoy” the moment…I’m sure he noticed we were stiff as heck with serious faces on. I really liked how he let us work on our clay by ourselves but would frequently come check up on us to make sure our clay was coming along and if it wasn’t, he would guide us in the right direction. Hide’s a great teacher who wants you to really have fun and enjoy his studio. My best friend and I took forever choosing colours and we were the last students too. Hide didn’t seem to mind and kept telling us to take our time and that we should choose which ever color we were first drawn to. It’s so true that color is subjective…colors my friend thought she saw a bit of blue in, I couldn’t see any blue at all. Thanks Hide for a great class and for being super friendly and providing just enough guidance. We were very happy with the class and with our big bowls.

Pricing is a little different than what’s on the website for a 80 min class. It’s $2.50 /100g with $12 studio fee and you choose the color and he glazes it for you. We can’t wait to pick up the bowls we made and start using them as servings bowls. We’re thinking of serving pasta or salads in our bowls. This is a great gift and bonding experience for loved ones or with a group of friends.