Working on clay is like playing music. Sound fades away before you can catch it. You have to move before you know how to play with it. Because of its transient and invisible character, sound is likely to reach our soul directly, without being blocked or translated by consciousness. Clay is a versatile, fast-moving material that runs away when you try to grab it. Just as Carl G.Jung attempted to paint a picture of the dynamic human consciousness for us to behold through his theories, so too is finished fired clay presented for our scrutiny, with its movements now frozen in hard, cold and fragile state. Emptying your-self and letting the shadow of the substance flow into that emptiness naturally, is the only way that you can feel and listen to what its vibrations want to say. Pieces I make are the assembled relics of my actions which were took, on and off the wheel. I want you to feel my works in the same way you listen to music, so I can strum the string of your soul.