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Our great partners!!

We are proud we are playing a small part in their activity through our works,

sharing efforts to enrich human lives.

Gyoza King restaurant
Needless to say, The best and most well known Japanese tapas bar in town.
Nanchu Restaurant and Bar
A branch of Gyoza King in Richmond. Great atmosphere!! The creative fusion Japanese is amazingly tasty!
Chicco cafe
Lick your lips over very delicate original handmade cakes and Italian coffee in the heart of downtown.
You will be amazed that Sushi can be this delicate, fragile and scrumptious.
Muzi tea

Muzi invites you on a journey to rediscover teas from around the world.

In a island of very very south of Japan. East and West reachs an accord and blossoms.
Isogo Prince Hotel garden shop
Flowers can walk!

A cozy bar located in hottest area in Tokyo.

Try authentic Japanese cuisine. Even if you are connoisseur of fine sushi. this is the place for you.
Wa- nagomi- Sato

In my home town Sapporo city Japan, Enjoy Sato's(chef) mouth watering creations!!

In Vancouver Island, BC. Japanese fusions bloosoms.

Specialized in Yakitori cuisine. It's not just a street food. It is a street food that is elegant and colorful.

Misho-ryu Ikebana
Main Branch of Mishoryu Ikebana(japanese flower arrangement) in Vancouver has classes at our studio!!
Jacana Contemporary art gallery
JACANA presents an interesting fusion of Asian Antique and Contemporary Art. a fresh source of inspiration.
Tropica on Cambie
The best Malaysian cuisine in town.
Kerokero kitchen

Located in most famous resort Karuizawa, Heartful cuisines will knock you out!!

Straight from India, Enjoy the soothing scent of high quality teas.
hundreds of kinds of brend teas. Escape from hustle on Broadway, sit bach in Cozy sofa and Breath in the scent of teas.
Sawa tea and craft

Right by famous Glanville Island in Vancouver. There is a place you can cocoon yourself and recharged with green tea directly brought from Japan.

Everybody knows, The cool modern looking "Tempra" take out shop right in front of the library in downtown! They will never disappointe you.
Keis bakery

Long waited. We finally have a "real japanese bakery store in town. I feel honor to have my lights to shine down the best quality bakery.


Making Denman st busier, Kingyo is the one that contribute to represent the "modern Japanese style & Culture. Great atmosphere!

Nishiki sets the standerd for the West Vancouver Sushi lovers. Serving locals more than 10years with exquisite traditional cuisine.
Zakkushi on 4th

New branch of famous Zakkushi. Smaller in scale but warmer and relaxing. best spot to spend a rich time with your close frinds.


They have been a flag shop for Japanese crafts for a long time, great place to satisfy your interests in Japanese crafts. 2039 W. 4th@Vancouver, BC 604-732-1816


Needless to say,The best Japanese restaurant in Canada known internationally.


Tetsuya / Japan Osaka

In east side of the secound beggest city known for epicureans in Japan. "TETSUYA" stands out conspicuously

Madouce /Japan sapporo

The Highest end last for multi generations furniture and wares with enviromentally friendly policy which you can ensure with you tongue at their cozy cafe.

I love sushi


Our neighbour, Seattle's best Sushi!!

i love sushi

Great bags made in sail campuses!!

They have gallerry lid with HiDe's shades.

suda hampu
zakkushi main

A ceramist and a carpenter got together and made whole interior of a restaurant on main st!!

zakkushi main
gyo O/Chirashi sushi

Another interior design challenge for us!!

Looks good and tast good!!

Sushi Kimura

One more! Our interior designed restaurant in Eest Vancouver!

Bamboos and lights!!

Miku Aburi Sushi

Very, very, special! "Aburi/ torching" transforms sushi into a different dimention stages, higher and higher and higher!

miku restaurant
Nagomi Sushi

There is a great Sushi place at the base of Blackcomb Mountain.

The best quarity in Town!!

Ichigo design

HiDe Ceramic Works sister company. Commercial, Residential interior designs with High standard japanese taste.


Sister restaurant of famous "Kingyo". The best Japanese tapas.

Suika means "Watermelon" by the way


McDonalds style Japanese Donburi(food on rice) restaurant.

the atmosphere and service are great and friendly.

Ramen Jinya

Choosen to be one of " 100 places you must go before you die" in LA magazine.

clean and tasty!


Richmond Center Mall.

Best Udon in town.

Gyoza Bar + Ramen

Quarity, Healthy, Creative food with cool space in downtown.

KIngyo toronto

A branch of Famouse Vancouver Kingyo! Great food and service. alway selected as NO1

Ichinen Ramen

Now we have a real Ramen in Calgary! No Ramen, No Life

Torafuku Vancouver

Quarity, Healthy, Creative, Hip food and cool space.






As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and I don't pretend to posse the ability to express in words the delicateness of the one-of-its-kind ceramics that HiDe's gifted hands are able to bring to life, and I urge you to take a look at the photographs posted elsewhere on this site, or better yet, visit his studio to see these intricate pieces of work in it's all glory.
HiDe magically shapes his clay into an often sought after, but seldom realized sublimating form where it is beautiful to see and touch while it manages to be practical at the same time. Most notable aspect of his work, in my opinion, is how he plays with the light. Unlike many other who consider fragility as a shortcoming of the ceramics, HiDe is able to use it for his advantage to create a stunning, yet subtle visual effects that are very warm, appealing and almost illusional. Needless to say, attaining such effect is not possible without simultaneously having both the vast pool of inspirations and the skills to substantiate it in a tangible form.

Goro Senzai, Tokyo

We enjoyed participating in the creative process of designing the lights with Hide.
He looked at our house, asked us what we imagined, proposedvarious ideas and styles - and created unique pieces for each area.
Hide's lights are warm, friendly, and yet sophisticated. They shine down upon our family each and every day. Now, we cannot picture our home without Hide's lights, which add a very special touch to our recently renovated house from the 1920s

Dr.Naoko Morita & Dr.Oliver Chong, Vancouver

After returning to this fair city two years ago, I earnestly went about seeking a potter's studio to realize my much-deferred aspiration to fashion, experiment, and conceive things with clay and hands. The serendipitous discovery of Hide's Ceramic Works was as timely as it was fulfilling. In my first drop-in class, the instructor was exceedingly cordial, engaging, inquiring, accommodating, and gregarious. It was evident from that initial experience that I've found a magical, cozy space considerately set up for our creative self-expression and natural interchange of ideas. In short, Hide's studio is a people's place, a great and surprising nexus of minds; that was - and still is! - the reason why I keep coming back every week.

Dr.Tim Chiou

Our entourage rolled up here for a GF's birthday "fun-thing-to-do" and it was indeed fun!  HiDe is a small ceramic-making studio that can accommodate all 8 of us for a private class and we operates on a 4 on foot wheel and 4 on table basis. The instructor HiDe started the class with bowl and vase demonstration while we were madly kneading the brown practise clay. The clay we use for the craft is the white clay which is easier to work with. 

There are lots of feedback and support during class as the HiDe dances around to yield a helping hand. He is a gregarious person in a Japanese way- If you don't like straight up feedback and are easily offended then you might be nettled by his teaching with comments such as "no that's not possible to make that," or "you should wait for me before you do that..." Lol 

The cost is $12 for studio fee and $2.50/100g of clay. Once you are done with your work, you can pick a colour/glaze and he will do the rest and have you pick up your work 4 to 6weeksafter.  

HiDe has made bowls and dishes for Gyoza Bar and Miku and you can order similar items from him as well. 

Can't wait to pick up my work soon! Cheerio!


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