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Terms and Conditions

•payment of monthly and flexible plan can be done before or after the first class of the session. HiDe ceramic works accepts credit card and cash(not debit card).

•all flexible plan tickets and discount coupons are non-refundable.

•all monthly plan purchase are non-refunadable and non-transferable.

•one tickets of set of 5tickets purchase is transferable , other ticket s and discount coupons

of the set are non-transferable.

•all the flexible plan tickets have 2month expiry.

•All monthly plan is used only to attend classes at a certain hour on a certain day of the week every week for 4 times with exception of a 5th day of the month.

•Expiry of the flexible plan and mothly plan can be extended up to one month only if you notify HiDe Ceramic Works that you are "physically "away enough not to be able to attend classes for the period of time with a proof of the trip in advance of first class of the session.